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Violin  41pcs  Aprox. 245mm length  sugg. retail  xx.xx
* intermediate level
Cello  47pcs  Aprox. 325mm length  sugg. retail  xx.xx
* intermediate level
Grand Piano  111pcs  Aprox. 123x180xH150mm Sugg. retail  xx.xx
*** advanced level
Double Bass  69pcs  Aprox. 303mm length  sugg. retail  xx.xx
** moderated level
Harp  90pcs  Aprox. 120x70xH236mm sugg. retail  xx.xx
** moderated level
Stand  12pcs  Aprox. 203~220mm length  Available in black, gray, brown, orange.                                                        sugg. retail  xxxx
PePaKuRa means "Paper Craft "in short in the Japanese accent;  is developed by HandsOn in Tokyo.

Directed by designer Tadafumi Kobayashi, PePaKuRa expresses the beauty of music instruments that is made entirely with a sheet of paper. The razor beam cut paper is pre-cut with extreme precision to reflect a realistic musical instrument.

Paper craft hobby has been very popular among Japanese enthusiasts. However Kobayashi and team have now made it possible for beginners and music lovers to enjoy built scale model for pure pleasure
"Perfect gift for music lovers.
Pleasure to build   pleasure to give."

The kit includes anassembly instruction manual and hanging hook to display your craft on a wall. For step by step assembly and more....., click here.
Tadafumi Kobayashi
" Award winner,  GOOD DESIGN Japan"
Introducing Mini PePaKuRa
This PePaKuRa was designed for first timers or young adults who want to experience PePaKuRa.
With only 10pcs to put together,this is an easy and enjoyable craft experience and could be enjoyed building with your kids. .  Although its easy to build it represents the same  essence as other PePaKuRa . 

This Piano Kit comes with the Piano, chair and carpet and is available in red and black colors.  80 x120 x H100mm Sugg. retail xx.xx

NEW! MiniViolin available in Ivory and Brown
Etude Greeting Card
Introducing music lover greeting cards. Available in 3 instruments and 3 color ways Each comes with coordinated envelop.
NEW.     Acoustic Guitar