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For those of you who have traveled to Japan know that you need to take your shoes off indoors at the entrance and slip on to a pair of slippers.  It is an important tradition of Japanese culture. Naturally Japanese industries has been producing huge amount of slippers in Japan and this one is particularly outstanding.

This whimsical lounge foot wear was designed by a renown product designer, Noriko Katayama, known for her freedom of expression in her design.

Katayama designed OTTO or translated in Italian "8", to create complete freedom and confort for feet with a contemporary design that has no restriction of left or right foot or no front and back.  This unique concept is naturally comfortable on  the heel and toe and a secure fit on the feet that allows you to easily lounge and be mobile around the house.

OTTO'S are designed to be light weight and collapsible making it easy to wear at home,  or take them to your office or wear them on your travels on an airplane and hotel room.